Sareco - Mobilité et Stationnement

SARECO is a research and development bureau created in 1976 based in Paris specialized in the field of parking engineering.  With now 17 people of which 14 are engineers and an annual 1.7 million euros turnover SARECO is by far leader on its market in France. Its activity concentrates on the study and the solving of problems in the parking field. SARECO has been for now nearly 40 years specialised in parking engineering, it is leader on its market in France where our expertise is highly valued: SARECO has lead more than 1500 study on parking subject, and will guarantee a sharp and efficient work.


SARECO has worked in more than 200-300 cities, some of them are indicated on the map hereafter.



 Carte France04 RClick on the map to enlarge.


At the French level, SARECO has participated:

  • to the implementation of the French car park norm (AFNOR norm)
  • To the parking side of the law “SRU”,
  • To the conception of the methodological parking French guide (published by CERTU)

It is furthermore regular consultant of the Parisian municipality,


SARECO is also experienced on international project; it has studied parking projects in various countries: Vietnam, Russia, Morocco, Ukraine…

  • It is studying for a French company the financial feasibility of six public car park in Kiev – Ukraine and their profitability,
  • SARECO has studied an 18 000 parking bays’ car park in Rabat – Morocco. its mission consisted in defining the car park management principles in terms of traffic management and exploitation,
  • It has defined for the city of Hanoi the future car park scheme, 
  • It has, with Egis, participated to the Mobility planning document of Casablanca from parking point of view.