Sareco - Mobilité et Stationnement

The types of projects undertaken by SARECO include


  • Definition of parking policy for city centres :
    • Conducting of surveys, live study of the situation and related ground-work,
    • Diagnosis and reports on the current situation,
    • Parking planning: selection of sites for new parking facilities, redefining the way in which existing car parks should be used, reorganizing on-street parking, etc...
    • Definition of the organization needed to control and run the parking facilities.


  • Review of parking policies :
    • Control of the enforcement policy,
    • Re-orientation of objectives according to changing circumstances,
    • Reorganization of the way in which existing facilities are run.


  • Studies for private parking companies : repondre-a-vos-besoins
    • Technical and economic feasibility,
    • Development of the legal and financial organization,
    • Management of project,
    • Definition of the operating plan.


  • Study and theoretical research:
    • Methodology of market survey and analysis of results,
    • Behaviour of the car users faced with restricted and controlled parking.