Sareco - Mobilité et Stationnement

Observing, studying, analysing, understanding, diagnosing, defining, recommending, developing, checking, overseeing and monitoring the various stages of the project…

Sareco works with you to devise customised solutions in the following areas:


  • Parking policy

Structuring parking spaces. This means responding to environmental issues (global and local pollution, resource consumption etc.), societal issues (quality of life, road safety, etc.) and economic issues (congestion, accessibility, etc.).


  • New urban development / New urban planning

Controle peage

Designing and optimising parking to make better use of space for the different modes of transport and different functions. This means long-term town-planning.


  • Intermodality

By promoting intermodality the number of car use is cut back to a more manageable proportion and the nuisances they generate are reduced, thanks to the combined use of alternative modes of transport: public transport, walking, car sharing, cycling, carpooling, etc.


  • Bicycle parks

Adapting bicycle parking facilities. Primarily this means allowing, then encouraging this environmentally-friendly, space-saving mode of transport.


  • New Car mobility

Taking into consideration changes in how the car is used: car-sharing within institutions or by co-workers or individuals, self-service vehicles for one-way or round trips, electric vehicles. All of these issues call for a re-think of the way we approach mobility and the role parking plays.